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These Free Nordic Pole walking clinics have been popular for over 6 years and run 12 months of the year! They are designed for anyone of any age of any fitness level. They are designed for the person who wants to learn the basics of this wonderful sport or the expert who would like to work on their technique. You can bring your own poles or Shawn will loan you a new set of Nordixx Poles to borrow for the morning. You will learn how to set your personal height, how to use the straps and the 5 basic steps to learning how to use your Nordic Poles. You will also learn about the history of Nordic Poles, the health benefits of using poles compared to walking without poles, some of the 350 clinic studies on the benefits of Nordic Pole walking and how there are 10 – 15 million Nordic Pole walkers in Europe. For details on what to wear and the benefits of Nordic Pole walking you can visit: www.shawnnisbet.com . If you have any questions you can contact Shawn at: shawnnisbet@hotmail.com or call 416.804.0938. If you RSVP you will be emailed more information about Nordic Pole Walking. There are also Free Nordic Pole "Fitness" walks for those who have taken a First Steps Clinic.

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Spring is here! Learn "How To" Nordic Pole Walk and how easy it is for everyone!

Free Indoor "Introduction" To Nordic Pole Walking Clinic. During the cooler months this clinic takes place indoors:) * Turn an ordinary walk into a whole body work-out! * Take 30% of the strain off of your lower back, hips, knees and ankles! * Burn up to 46% more calories per minute than walking without poles! * Increase your balance and have fun!! Perfect for everyone of any age of any fitness level! _____________________________________________________________________ What we will do: *The Introduction Clinic is for those who have never Nordic Walked before and for those who would like to brush up on their skills. *You will learn how to set your pole height, how to use your straps, how to walk then the basic technique of Nordic Pole walking. You will also learn about the health benefits as well as background scientific research in support of Nordic Pole Walking. ___________________________________________________________________ When you RSVP you can borrow a set of poles for the clinic or bring your own! If you would like to purchase a set of poles at the end of the clinic: The price is $75 (incl tax)for a set of Nordic Poles including a carry bag and set of tips. __________________________________________________________________ What to wear * Comfortable clothing for indoor walking. * Comfortable walking shoes. * We will discuss proper clothing for spring walking so you can enjoy this wonderful season! * There are bathrooms available. * It's all about being comfortable and having fun - lots of fun! ___________________________________________________________________ Important to know: *This is truly an activity for everyone of any age of any fitness level from those recovering from surgery or an injury to those who want to turn an ordinary walk into a full body workout to those who would like to cross train. *This clinic is an instructional clinic and anyone can learn!! *You are more than welcome to bring your walker and there will be chairs available if you are unable to stand for the duration of the clinic. *Every season brings new information!! Shawn offers Free Nordic Pole walking clinics, presentations and walks throughout the year!!

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