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This group is to rollback the privatization of local public parks in the Bay Area. Our first goal is to end the new fees for non residents of SF at the Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park. Golden Gate Park is becoming Golden Pay Park. If we can end those fees we will then move to remove other fees that were added over the years such as Golden Gate Park's Conservatory and the nearby Japanese Tea Garden.

The most recent fees came into place because the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society (SFBGS) paid a high priced lobbyist massive amounts of money to push it through the SF Board of Supervisors. The real reason for the fees is not to raise money for City Hall, but because the SFBGS cannot recruit new members to their group in a free garden as they feel they have nothing to offer in a free garden. With an entrance fee they can offer their members free admission.

We will be protesting and informing the public about this public park that was stolen from them and in effect given to a private group of wealthy donors. We will bring those politicians to task who allowed the fees to happen. We will take all actions that are legal to make the Botanical Garden free again to everyone as it was for 70 years. The fees are an insult to all Americans as the Botanical Garden was built with the assistance of federal government money, the WPA, during the Great Depression. We will work to remove all of the politicians who voted for the fees. They ignored local public opinion and voted to please some big money donors. They sold out the public.

"Free Parks for Everyone" will be put together as a real group where members vote to make decisions and not as a usual Meetup group where the organizer makes all the decisions.

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