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Improving your public speaking skills can take courage, so congratulations on taking the first step!

This group is for:

-People TERRIFIED to speak who want to build confidence.
-Beginners who want to speak with more credibility
-Intermediate speakers who want to level-up and be more effective when speaking.
-Experienced speakers who want to fine-tune their skills for an upcoming speech.


It is our passion to help people grow so they can achieve the big goals they have. Having a fear of public speaking can be a relentless barrier that holds us back professionally and personally. To blast beyond that limitation, we focus both on skill-building (what is happening on the outside) and teach about the psychology of speech anxiety and how to stop it in its tracks.

The #1 way to influence the world around you is to speak with confidence. Even if you don't consider yourself a "public speaker", you are. You speak in:

-Presentations (internal or external)
-Conversations with superiors

These are all instances to show the world your genius and talents. Do so with confidence and you will soar!


In each class, you will:

-Learn about the causes of speech anxiety
-Practice skills that will amplify your credibility in a safe environment
-Receive expert coaching
-Have a LOT of fun!

Your first class is free!

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