What we're about

This club is for ladies who enjoy reading fine literature, doing random things, and building friendships.

If you're interested in meeting new people who have similar interests (reading and adventure-type activities, which may or may not include being outdoors, participating in concerts, and overall stuff), this is your group!

There's only a few group rules so far:

• This is a tolerant community. All ideas and persons are welcome.

• In this community environment, we welcome all book and random activity ideas - please submit your ideas via personal message. We will create polls for subsequent book and adventure ideas based on group input.

We are currently a group of two, welcoming new members. A little bit about us: we are Lauren (23, favorite color green) and Mackenzie (29, favorite colors currently being aqua and pink after a long life of having previously been interested in primarily emerald and hunter green). We met earlier this year, both of us being relatively new to Charlotte.

Previous adventure-type activities have included: concerts (M83, Kurt Vile), music festivals (Hopscotch), painting classes, (several) brunches, escape rooms, dog olympics, drag shows, museum-going, copious amounts of drinking, bar crawling, Science on the Rocks, tattoo-getting, and of course: book reading.

Previous books we've read have included: The Name of the Wind, After You, Fingersmith, The Butterfly Garden, Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me, Why Not Me, The Light Between Oceans, Gone Girl, The Handmaid's Tale, Bossypants, Water for Elephants

You don't have to participate in all books and activities - you are welcome to whatever fits best for you!

If you have any questions, please message us. More information can be found on our Goodreads page: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/203569-the-free-thinkers-book-and-random-adventures-club

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Whatcha Readin': a BYO Book Discussion

Amelie's NODA

Have you recently read a good book that you want to tell people about? Are you looking for book suggestions? Meet us at Amelie's to chat about books and invariably stray off topic into discussions about life, hair colors, current events, dogs, snacks, or where (other than Charlotte) people are from. Think of it as a fun grownup book report without that homework feeling. We used to have a standard book club with assigned books, but this new format is meant to bring more people together to talk books without a looming deadline or guilt from not reading. If you've read any of the books we had previously scheduled, please come anyway and share your thoughts!

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Whatcha Readin': a BYO Book Discussion

Amelie's NODA

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