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It's time the teens and tweens of our community had a safe place to hang out and meet new friends. Let's get together and give our teens and tweens a chance to hang out in a positive and "free" environment. It sure seems like there are tons of groups for the young kids of the world, but not too many positive spaces for our teens and tweens. I sure feel like they need a safe space to call their own, too. This group is open to all teens and tweens 10 and up, and their parents. We're open to all unschooled, homeschooled, public schooled, and whatever other schooled!! I have two teens who are anxious to find a group they can be themselves in..
This is also a place where parents of teens can find friendship and support. This can be a hard time in our parenting adventure. I think it would be wonderful if we had other parents who understood exactly what we were going through.

This group was created by involved moms of teens that wish to give their kids a freedom to be themselves within a social group.

Some of our meetups may be themed with certain activities in mind, others will be just free socializing time.

Any member may suggest a meetup event and contact Jeannette Brooks or Bridta to get the event into the Calendar.

We want to provide a safe social atmosphere for our teens as they explore their increasing individuality, maturity, and responsibility in the transition to adulthood.

Our group is LGBTQ friendly and has both teen and parent/adult members that identify as such. Discussion of these topics between teens IS ALLOWED at these events. We will not force teens or parents to discuss things they are not interested in discussing.

Our group is organized by secular homeschoolers, but all who support the atmosphere described here are welcome to join.

We do allow our teens to use curse words as enthusiastic exclamations and as part of humor. Cursing IS ALLOWED at these events both between teens and parents. We will not suggest that teens or parents curse if they are not comfortable with such language, but we will not discourage it either unless it is being used to bully, insult or degrade anyone.

We do allow our teens to discuss topics that may be issues many parents would rather their teens not be exposed to. We want our teens to feel free to discuss things such as puberty, sex, dating, drug use, identity, social media, etc in an atmosphere where they will not be shamed for discussing this info. We will not bring up these subjects purposefully (unless the group evolves into having discussions/educational meets about these topics), but we will not be discouraging the organically developing conversations about those subjects.

We believe that discussing these subjects with friends and safe adults who will give secular and factual support in a social atmosphere is a healthy approach to this time period in our teen’s lives.

Unless otherwise noted in the description of an event, supervision for teens is not being provided. Please plan to stay at the meetup with your teen(s) or arrange for another parent/adult to stay with your teen during these events if you cannot do so.

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Hillsborough Park

Bi-weekly hang out!

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