What we're about

If you are free in the afternoon and want to meet up with some new people and chat, explore some new places in Singapore, come to this meetup. We welcome both international and local people!

It's much better to meet people and socialise, and its way more interesting as well!

We will basically just chat about anything under the sky, no restriction on topics. From time to time, there might be a theme to discuss for that particular meetup, but it is optional. We should be switching to some new locations from time to time to explore the little known, but nice places in Singapore.

If you are new in Singapore and have time in the afternoon, come join us. You can meet more people, expand your social circle (which is always a good thing) and keep boredom at bay as well. LOL

If you are someone who has flexible working hours or who is just generally free in the afternoons as well, come join us as well!

*Please note that this is not a business networking event, so if you wish to promote things like MLM and stuff, please find another group

*Please also note that coming to the event to collect phone numbers and later contacting them to sell them mlm stuff is strictly not allowed either.

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