What we're about

The purpose of this group is to provide workshops to coach you around The Power of Love and Connecting with yourself, others and the Universe, so you bring Happiness and Enjoy life, by empowering you with what you need, in order to create the life you want.

It all starts with YOU! Only you decide that you want to bring change in your life, that you want to be free to be yourself and start manifesting what you want in your life.

It starts with a willingness to accept that you have to open your mind to other ways, to new truths, new beliefs. It starts with accepting that unless you are willing to go out there and find out how others are succeeding, you will continue creating the same situations, the same relationships, the same opportunities, and yes, the same relationship with yourself and the same outcomes!

If you want to get excited about life again, take action NOW!


Come to the workshops where I’ll be teaching you on the topics relating to creating the life you want, the best relationships ever, with yourself, others and life!

This is the group for you because you will learn:

- how to manifest what you want in order to create the best life

- how to set life goals that will actually work for you

- how to start loving yourself in a kind and compassionate way

- to feel great about who and what you are

- how to feel loved and accepted for who you are

- how to feel confident in yourself

- to create new opportunities in your present relationships (even if you’re experiencing bullying, criticism)

- to create new amazing relationships

- to find your way, your purpose, your dreams

What I do for you is:

- show you how to change those thought patterns and beliefs system that are stopping you from living fully and loving yourself, so that you create ones that empower you.

- guide you along the way, giving you tools, techniques, powerful exercises that will help you create a mindset that will work for you.

- help you feel free to express your voice, your uniqueness and be proud of it in a loving way.

It is time for you to take consciousness of what you can do for yourself. It is YOUR time to be free and live the life you want…!

So, come on, what are you waiting for…??

Once you start on this journey, this dance with life, you will love yourself for who and what you are,

You will get excited about what life has for you,

You will create amazing relationships with others in the freedom of who you are and accepting others for who they are.

You will be so excited that you are following your own path because that was always the one to follow, instead of competing with the rest of the planet.

You will live for who you are, and embrace others for who they are.

You will be able to accept that obstacles are part of life, allowing yourself to learn from them all.

Because all that you want in life, truly starts with YOU…!

I am here to help you, because you are not alone…!

Eva xox

Eva is a life coach and NLP practitioner, who has helped thousands of people around the world create the best relationship with themselves, deal with depression, anxiety, self-harming and build their life again.

She is a writer for various publications and you can read her articles on TUT.COM, Thrive Global, Tiny Buddha and more.

Her podcast, Free to Be You, is a success worldwide, reaching an audience of thousands of listeners.

She is the founder of 'Love Starts with You Project' and online courses and programmes on relationships and self-love.

Her podcast Free to Be You is on evaruiz.libsyn.com (http://www.evaruiz.libsyn.com (http://www.evaruiz.libsyn.com/)) or on her website evaruiz-author.com (http://www.evaruiz-author.com/) where you will find a FREE AUDIO ON RELATIONSHIPS!

or on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher - Free to Be You by Eva Ruiz. If you like the episodes, feel free to leave a review there, and share it with friends, family and colleagues.

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