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Gather with a warm group of people to share positive messages of happiness, love, acceptance, and togetherness within public spaces. Its amazing how something so simple can be so profound. You'll be amazed at how people passing by, total strangers, respond and interact very positively with the messages. People pose for photos, stop for a chat to ask what we're about, or just give a warm smile or laugh while passing by. Messages are hand painted/drawn onto signs made by each individual or small group and generally include messages like, "You're beautiful!" "I love it when you smile." "Follow your love, follow your dreams." "Free hugs." "You are love." You get the point. We'll meet in different locations around the city where there's a considerable amount of space and foot traffic. We'll meet and share a moment of silence or meditation before and after the event to open and close. We'll start with around hour long meetups. Hindu, Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, people from all religious faiths and from no religion are welcome to gather in community to share these secular positive messages. It's a really nice way of meeting other like minded positive people around the city and I guarantee it will leave you feeling happier and more connected. Artists, street performers, musicians, bankers, yogis, lawyers, burners, Moms, Dads, Kids are welcome to creatively explore with us ways to co-create positive vibes and smiles at these events.

Past events (44)

5th annual Free Hugs at 9/11 Memorial

Zuccotti Park

Free Hugs - 9/11 edition

Zuccotti Park

Free Hugs - August event

Times Square, Duffy Square, 226 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

Free Hugs - Post July 4th Event

Central Park @ Columbus Circle

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