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FREE PHOTO WALK #11 : ★ CHARMING PARIS (with models) ★

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If you like walking, taking pictures and meeting other people, this event is for you! : )

This is a PHOTOGRAPHY EVENT with a theme. And for its eleventh edition, the theme will be CHARMING PARIS :) And for the first time we will have portrait workshops during the walk.

- The portrait workshops will take place at some of the most charming places of Paris (including touristic places but also a rooftop and a colorful street out of the ordinary).
- 10 models (5 women and 5 men) will pose for us the entire afternoon.

Kindly note that this event will be a COLLABORATION with the models. This means that in exchange for their time and poses, we must do our best to take beautiful pictures of them and we must also send our pictures to them afterwards. There will be a MANDATORY CONTRACT to sign between each model and each photographer, before we start the walk.

There is no level requirement to join this event. However if you are a beginner or if it is the first time you shoot portraits with natural lighting, please do not hesitate to have a look at the following photography tips: + .

The meeting point will be at 13:45 hours, but we will wait 15 minutes (maximum) for everyone before we start the event : )

Everyone interested in this event is welcome, so feel free to click to join the event :)

Friendly yours,
Smiling Marion

An emergency case? You can text me or call me at this number:


Why sign a contract? In order to protect the model and the photographer.
The contract is written in French, respects the French laws and stipulates clearly the rights and duties of both parties. The terms are fair and should satisfy both parties.

At the meeting point, we will take 20-30 minutes to sign the contracts. To fill the contract you must bring your ID card (carte d’identité). This is very important. If you cannot prove your identity, the contract cannot be filled and you cannot join the walk. This same rule will apply to the models.

If you do not agree to the terms and do not want to sign the contract, you are free to not sign. However to join the walk, each photographer must have signed a contract with each model.


At each location we will take solo pictures, duo pictures and group pictures. We will spend approximately 20-30min per location.
Any photographer can take pictures of any model, so do not hesitate to flutter around.


We will mainly walk, but between some locations we will need to take public transportation (two times).


As we will be a group : we will have to cooperate in order to avoid being in each other’s way. Therefore I would like to kindly ask you to keep in mind these simple principles during the shootings:

- Be patient & respectful to the others
- Be aware of what the others are doing, trying to take pictures of… (so you don’t stand in the way or shove anyone accidentally)
- And please give each other space to think, adjust settings, take pictures… :) During the FREE PHOTO WALKS it is everyone’s responsibility to stay with the group (or not too far from the group).


Please bring a bottle of WATER (to prevent dehydration) and wear GOOD SHOES.

On a sunny day: please consider wearing a CAP or HAT (to prevent a sunstroke) and also putting on some SUNCREAM (to avoid getting sunburnt).
On a rainy day: don’t forget your UMBRELLA


As the Free Photo Walks are NOT guided tours nor photography classes:

- I will not make any comments about Paris or anything else along the walk. However, any Free Photo Walker can share any knowledge he/she might have about Paris. That’s up to each of you :)

- Please do not expect to get any photography lessons and please do not talk to someone just to get advices. Of course, any Free Photo Walker can give advices to another Free Photo Walker if he/she wish to do so. That’s up to each of you on an interpersonal basis :)


Please remember that the aims of this Free Photo Walk are WALKING, SHOOTING and MEETING NEW PEOPLE :) This will allow us all (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert photographers) to spend a wonderful day together :)

So it’s simple : bring your camera, your cheerful mood and let’s share a common passion! :D


If you do not know the French law regarding image reproduction rights (droit à l’image), please follow the links below (written in French):



For those who wish to share their work accomplished during this FREE PHOTO WALK, you are welcome to join the facebook group FREE PHOTO WALKS PARIS:

Joining the Facebook group will also offer you the opportunity to

★ easily stay in contact with the other FREE PHOTO WALKERS,
★ and also be informed of "BONS PLANS PHOTO" in Paris :)


Saturday afternoon it is supposed to be sunny with some rain :)

I will check the weather forecast again Friday evening at 22:00.

- If the forecast indicates “rain+sun” or “cloudy”: the Free Photo Walk will still be ON : )
- If the forecast indicates “rain” or ‘ligthning”: the Free Photo Walk will be cancelled. (Kindly note that if the event is cancelled, you will be notified by email Saturday evening.)

I hope to meet you all soon :) If it is not this time, maybe it will be next time :)


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