What we're about

This is a love-only infused group for open-minded individuals interested in exploring the benefits of traditional shamanic practices, spiritual ceremonies, naturalism, meditation, Angel therapy, chanting, Consciousness, energy healing and a traditional sweat lodge infused with African and Native American principalities.

We started this group to connect with like-minded individuals interested in exploring and sharing their knowledge on spirituality, shamanism and ancient traditional healing ceremonies intended to free one's mind, body and spirit from whatever could be holding them back.

We are committed to offering organized and intense spiritual healing techniques that take several days of energy and focus to prepare. Consequently, we will only retain memberships of people who are committed to attending at least one event a month as long as events are scheduled.

We meet bi-weekly or monthly depending on the weather, for sweat lodge ceremonies and weekly, for spiritual healing ceremonies. When we meet, we share, release stuck-ness, and resolve energetic, and spiritual conflicts, support each other's journeys, and leave feeling loved, healed and inspired.

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