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WELCOME;) This group is for everyone who wants to become a better human being. There are many books, seminars and meetups dedicated to specific aspects of self-realization. However, it is my strong belief that the truth is the whole, and real change can come into your life only if you can see the big picture.

Another thing that I found problematic about a lot of these self-help schools is that they say: "...well, this should work for you too, but we are all individuals, and it may work for some of you, and not for others, because we are all different blah blah". The reason for this uncertainty is lack of science. Advice and personal experience are of course great, but only science can produce principles that can apply to ALL human beings, no exception. I am a scientist by education and it is my goal is to expose you to the SCIENCE of human well-being. True fulfillment is not just freedom, it is not just success, and it is not just happiness, it is all three coexisting harmoniously within you, and YOU can achieve that!

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Dan White

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THE DANGER OF CULTS: How to protect yourself

Richmond Green Library

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