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Freedom from the Known ​is the title of one of Krishnamurti’s most widely acclaimed books. This phrase also represents the theme of the upcoming Explorations Conference 2019.

Attend In Person or Watch Online: kfa.org/conference

The conference will feature a diverse range of perspectives from not only ​Krishnamurti​’s body of work, but also from the disciplines of evolutionary and developmental biology, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and philosophy. The intent of the conference is to sharpen an understanding of the content and underlying principles informing these diverse perspectives and their boundary conditions. We hope this deeper understanding may augment the likelihood of developing a more unified and coherent set of insights.

The conference will open with a presentation on the ​'what'​, ​'why'​ and ​'how'​ of ​Freedom from the Known​ from ​Krishnamurti’​s perspective. Why​ does he emphasize the importance of being free from the known; and ​how​ does he suggest such freedom might come about?

The conference will feature formal presentations by four or five speakers from different disciplines, question and answer sessions, and panel discussions. There also will be opportunities for informal conversations and dialogues. We expect about 30-50 attendees

Attend In Person or Watch Online: kfa.org/conference

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Freedom from the Known | Explorations Conference 2019

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