What we're about

When you don't have a regular office job to go to, it can be tough to get your day started. This group is about meeting other freelancers for a quick tea or coffee in the morning before going our separate ways and getting to work!
Just a good, low-key way to meet some nice people AND have a "meeting" on your calendar to get you out the door.
Meetups will be held mostly on the Upper West Side, but the group is certainly not limited to Upper West Siders!

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Our 50th Meetup! Grab some tea or coffee with us before getting to work

• What we'll do We'll spend a little over an hour just hanging out and chatting before we all head off to do our respective freelance work! Our first Meetups have been a blast, with a lovely group of thoughtful, funny, kind, and fascinating people chatting about life and our various projects -- and I bet this next one will be just as much fun. • What to bring Enough $ to purchase whatever coffee/tea/food you'd like from Da Capo. (Everyone will pay for their own food and beverages.) • Important to know Da Capo is one of many coffee shops nearby that you can work from afterwards, but just a heads up that it does not currently have free wifi. But there are plenty of other places nearby that do!

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