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Freeside Atlanta

675 Metropolitan Parkway Suite 6066 · Atlanta, GA

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Join us at our monthly CryptoParty gathering! What is a CryptoParty? For more information, check this out: [ ]

It's an informal, non-commercial gathering where folks can discuss select topics in privacy, information security and technology.

Some of these topics include:

Anonymity: is pure anonymity possible in the Brave New World? Browser Security: setting tweaks, hacks, considerations Countersurveillance: techniques to baffle and thwart your adversaries Dead Drops: USB and otherwise [ ] Encryption: for email and hard drives Internet Cash Schemes: bitcoin, advantages and disadvantages Steganography: hidden messages in plain sight Symbolic Communication: a public post of red flowers means ... Virtual Private Networks: how do you use one and how effective are they? Whistleblowing: considerations when leaking sensitive information If you're at all the least bit concerned about the government scooping up all your internet activity to build a detailed dossier on you and kept on file indefinitely ready to use whenever you get labeled a "terrorist" - then CryptoParty is for you.