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Powerful Control Interfaces for Embedded Systems Class

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There is not enough interest in this class and I can only assume the reason is a combination of the topic and the cost. I will still be available during this time so I am changing the topic and the cost. You can bring questions and we may build something or practice soldering. You are invited to come and discuss what you would be interested in building, but anything we do this evening will be limited to what materials we may have available. I will not be ordering any materials specifically for this information meetup. The charge has been reduced accordingly. Please support me if you want to see me conduct scheduled training on electronics and embedded systems.

The rest of this description is what we will NOT be doing!

The fee for this class includes the Velleman K8004 kit, which we will build. This is a very popular kit. The output of the circuit is controlled by a DC voltage that can be created in several ways. If you have an Arduino or similar microprocessor, you will easily control this board using an output of your device.

This module can control up to 227 watts of power, but I would probably use the figure of 200 watts, just to be conservative.

The input voltage controls the PWM output of the module. The PWM, pulse width modulation, output is very precise and is created by the very popular SG3525.

This circuit is ideal for the accurate control of DC motors, lighting levels, small heaters as well as other applications. The circuit converts a DC voltage into a series of pulses, such that the pulse duration is directly proportional to the value of the DC voltage. The great advantage of such a circuit is that almost no power is lost in the control circuit. Protected against overload and short circuit.

Manufacturer’s datasheet can be found here.

The datasheet for the SG3525 can be found here.

The class is open to Freeside members and non-members. The member discount applies. If you are serious about this class, please go ahead and pay the tuition using Meetup and if we have to cancel for any reason Freeside will return your money. We need at least six people to sign up for this class.

This project is at the intermediate difficulty level. If you are unable to complete the kit in the one evening, we will try to schedule a follow up time to help you complete the project, but this will be at the instructor’s discretion. Prerequisites: There are no firm prerequisites, but some knowledge of electronics and soldering would be advantageous.

The instructor for this class will be Wayne Salhany. For information about Wayne, see his LinkedIn profile here.

The cost for non-members is $65 which include the materials. The regular discount applies

for Freeside members.