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Off Road Wheelchair Build Day!

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Freeside Atlanta

675 Metropolitan Parkway Suite 6066 · Atlanta, GA

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The Off Road Wheelchair will be a high-torque low-speed platform for navigating hilly and challenging terrain. We've decided on a platform for the system (, so now we need to begin construction of the Phase 1 prototype. We will be modifying a zero-turn mower platform that has 25hp and an estimated 700 pound feet of torque and a top speed of 9mph!

We'll split up into small groups to develop plans and schedules, as well as a bill of materials in order to identify and order the necessary equipment for the prototype.

Everyone is welcome to come down and help out on this project, so come check it out and see what we're doing and how you can help! It's okay if you're late, leave early, or are just here to observe.

Our goals for this weekend (Saturday the 8th, Sunday the 9th) are as follows -

Everyone (Planning session)

Review project, goals, design, and scheduling with the team and get everyone up to speed and on the same page. Define major attachment points and final shape of the vehicle to coordinate modifications. Schedule activities for the day and divide into teams. Fabrication Team 1 (Led by Albert Cousins)

Decide on caster/suspension system for the front and back of the vehicle. Refine and (possibly) begin construction of the front assembly of the vehicle. Refine and cost roll cage model. Finalize whip bumper design and order materials. Fabrication Team 2 (no leader yet)

Weld a receiver to the back of the vehicle to receive a winch or trailer hitch. Remove winch from Shane's Jeep. Decide on how to adapt it to the receiver. Fix jammed neutral lever on right-side hydraulic pump. If available, add holders for an extra gas tank and a car battery. Safety Team (led by Steven Sutton)

Price and order materials for 5-point harness. Develop a testing strategy for limitations in terrain and driving angle. Develop a training program for certification. Design handles and bracing to ease getting in and out of the platform. Determine appropriate emergency stops and safety mechanisms and design them in. Electronics Team (no leader yet)

Prototype and test circuitry for lights (LED and headlights) using 12/24v SLA if possible. Develop and (possibly) test access control system (new, better key). Assess redesign of control panel and design a new one if possible. Otherwise, design modifications to current panel. Determine viability of speaker system and design for mobility if feasible. Identify components needed for Arduino accelerometer tilt warning system. Art Team (Led by Alan Fay)

Decide on seat design and materials. Begin construction if possible. Decide on color and decoration scheme (coordinate with electronics team). Design a name and logo. If necessary, make arrangements for a demo and small fundraiser. Design sound deadening solutions (coordinate with fab team). Design rain protection (awning, umbrella holder, etc...). Paint the current model, even if the body panels may be redesigned later.

Email me if you have any questions or if you want to chat about the project.

See you there!