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What we’re about

Freethinkers of Colorado Springs was formed in 1993 to support and create community for non-religious people in the area. From that evolved a group embracing Humanist philosophies too.  And we have members who embrace titles like atheist, agnostic, christian, jew, spiritual, and others.  We are focused on educating ourselves and the community about church state separation, the right to practice or avoid religion,  and the power and promise of reason and science.  We are eager to share with all atheists, humanist, skeptics and secularists of all races, nationalities and backgrounds.

Our goal is the develop a community of people to share life's journey with.  We therefore ask that people who want to join our group use their real name.  A first name would be fine, particularly if implies, or at least suggests, whatever gender you might present as.  A name with a middle initial , or last name initial, could be used too.  Or like most of our members,  you could use your real and full name.

Also, we ask a couple of questions of people who want to join.   We will look at those answers  while considering if we want to add you to our group.  We ask that you answer those questions honestly and with meaning.  After you have joined, you can go back and change your answers if you wish.
You can learn more about our group at  , or at and Humanists of Colorado Springs.
Meetup recently started posting a donation request by/for an entity named "Pledge" on all event postings. We have no information about this "offering" and encourage our members to ignore it. If you wish to donate to FreethinkersCS, go to and find the link on the right side of page.
(Note. recently started adding a "donations" block to our group's listing on their site. We have been unable to get any information about this "offering" and encourage you to ignore it. If you wish to make a donation to FreethinkersCS, go to our web site at and find the donation button on right side of page )