Past Meetup

Former Preacher John Loftus discusses his journey


John spent the first part of his life as a working xtian preacher, then broke free of his religious chains. Then he migrated through doubt, then agnosticism, and is, as of the last report, embracing the title "Atheist". He blogs about his adventures in placed like... His visit to Colorado Springs is being sponsored by the UCCS Secular Student Alliance.

University Center Room 116 - First floor, near Clyde's. .

After leaving Austin bluffs and entering the University, go 3/4 of the way around the traffic circle and exit on the street that runs along in front of a building. The university center will be directly in front of you. Find a place to park and enter the building through a big, glass enclosed entry way. Keep to your right and walk past the information desk. Clydes will be on your left, you'll find this room in a hallway to the right.