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This is the ballroom social dance lessons for meetup group who are interested to learn social dance to get ready to dance in weekend party and special and holiday events

The dance styles covered smooth, Rhythm and club dance.

Rhythm: Cha-Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Bolero, E.C. Swing, Hustle and Salsa.

Smooth: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, V. Waltz, Two Step,

You'll learn the Posture, correct movement, technique, timing, patterns, variation, lead/follow and beautiful styling.


(NEW) Social Ballroom Dance classes start on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at Ruggieri Center in Union City, CA

• Beginners Class- A great and friendly class for anyone eager to have fun and learn the basic fundamentals of dance. You will get some exercise and de-stress while meeting new people in this dance class.

• Intermediate Class- In the intermediate class, you'll learn dance techniques specific to the class. You'll learn and focus on correct footwork, proper lead and follow, and timing in a professional and constructive environment.

• Fee- Is per person. Couples are recommended, single dancers are welcome.


Beginners Class: Day: Wed. Time: 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm

• (Code: FA18DA-200) Cha- Cha / Foxtrot 9/5 -10/3/18 Fee: $30(res) 5 weeks / $40(non-res) 5 weeks

• (Code: FA18DA-202) Waltz / Merengue 10/10- 11/7/18 Fee: $30(res) 5 weeks / $40(non-res) 5 weeks

• (Code: FA18DA-204) Rumba/ East Coast Swing 11/14- 12/12/18 Fee: $30(res) 5 wks / $40(non-res) 5 wks

Intermediate Class: Day: Wed. Time: 8:45 pm - 9:45 pm

• (Code: FA18DA-201) Bolero 9/5 -10/3/18 Fee: $30(res) 5 weeks / $40(non-res) 5 weeks

• (Code: FA18DA-203) Cha Cha 10/10- 11/7/18 Fee: $30(res) 5 weeks / $40(non-res) 5 weeks

• (Code: FA18DA-205) Rumba 11/14- 12/12/18 Fee: $30(res) 5 weeks / $40(non-res) 5 weeks


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