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Phone? Camera? Tablet? Phamera? Phablet? PHREE?

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Call me amazed.

Thank you. And it's true, I am amazed at the quality of the images that now come from the cameras built into cellphones and tablets.

But I'm prepared to be even more amazed by YOUR pictures once you learn a few techniques. I'd like to share some ADAPTATIONS of techniques learned over decades of professional photography.

You'll learn and PRACTICE many ways to get sharper, clearer images in your captures. You may then make them fuzzy and weird and artsy-looking in your Insta-magic or Psycho-gram software if you like, but you'll have that sharp image after the trends disappear.

So get sharp, get bright, get close and grab a really good hold on quality in this brief introduction to better camera-phone photography.

Please note: There's no charge for the meeting, but donations are welcome to keep the meetings going. Thanks for your concern and consideration.