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We all know the feeling of entering home after an exhausting day. Home truly provides a platform for a life. In simple words, no home means no life. Approximately, 35000 people in bay area are lacking this fundamental need for the human life. Fortunately, bay area is enriched with creative ideas to meet the needs of our unhoused community members. But unfortunately, many homeless people are not aware of these emerging opportunities to rebuild their lives. This group welcomes you to join us in our commitment of bringing these valuable opportunities and information in the hands of our homeless friends. We make a commitment of stopping by to a homeless person in a safe environment, asking for their needs, doing a research to find the appropriate resources and providing them information about the available help from various government programs and non-profit organizations. We can also carry a list of local organizations and their services with us and distribute them among homeless individuals.

Homelessness would not stand a chance If we all come together and open our hearts to our unhoused community members. One of the biggest obstacles in doing so is the "homeless should just get a job" mindset of our housed community members who are not aware of unique story residing in the hearts of unhoused individuals. We now know after volunteering in the field that many social, economical and personal factors have to fail significantly for a person to fall out of a home. Therefore, we should continue to spread the right knowledge about homelessness in our communities to awake the hearts of many so they all can join our work. One of the simple and fun methods is to create flyers and posters with clear messages that can break the incorrect myths around homelessness. We can use this group to bring out more creative ideas for making our communities flourish in the right knowledge of love and care that can help us build healthier society for tomorrow.

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