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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation
“Your shallowness or greatness of the soul shows up in your aura.”--Yogi Bhajan If you are looking for a more spiritually based yoga practice, kundalini yoga may be the style of yoga for you! All levels are welcome. No previous yoga experience is needed. Drop in class price is $16, or if you are new to the Worlds Yoga studio, the "try me" price is $25 for 15 consecutive days of unlimited yoga. Class packs are available at a small discount. (Please note that the previously offered Groupon discounted class packs for the Fremont location are no longer available for purchase. Only previous Groupon purchases are being honored.) Kundalini Yoga class meets Tuesday evening from 7:30 until approximately 8:45 pm. Our evening yoga practice focuses on kriyas (physical posture sequences) that promote a relaxing end to the day, to de-stress and enjoy a restful night's sleep. Meditations are aligned with the kriyas to help promote mental and physical balance, relaxation and physical/emotional awareness. Bring a yoga mat or rent one at the studio for $2. Complimentary hot tea, snack, and good company after class. We'd love to meet you <3

Worlds Yoga Fremont

37353 Fremont Blvd · Fremont, CA

What we're about

About Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

Free Practice 1st & 3rd Fridays open to the public (see info below).

Regularly scheduled classes Tuesday evenings, 7:30-8:50 PM at Worlds Yoga Fremont. New student price $25 for 2 weeks (consecutive days) unlimited classes. Drop-in cost $16.

FREE Community Yoga Practice (Kundalini Yoga Evening Sadhana) the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month 7-8:30 PM at Worlds Yoga Fremont, a 90 minute guided practice. All levels and ages 16+ welcome to join us. For more details, see the Kundalini Yoga Evening Sadhana informational flyer in the photos link here (

We rotate through 4 themes during our Friday practice :

Friday August 17, 2018 (pituitary/6th chakra--Intuition)

Friday September 7, 2018 (navel/3rd chakra--Willpower)

Friday September 21, 2018 (heart/4th chakra--Compassion)

Friday November 2, 2018 (throat/5th chakra--Truth)

Friday November 16, 2018 (pituitary/6th chakra--Intuition)

KRI certified instructor (RYT200), Ram Inderjeet, will gently guide you through the postures. We work with the 10 bodies of kundalini yoga and all chakras--from root (1st) to aura (8th)--as well as the 5 tattvas (elements). Our class is appropriate for all levels of experience but is NOT suitable as a children's class.

Want to Know More?

Come practice with us and find out why kundalini yoga is called "the yoga of awareness." No previous yoga experience is necessary. Kundalini Yoga is always an all-level class that benefits new and experienced practitioners equally.

Class Description: Learn meditation, mantra, mudra, pranayama and practice posture sequences called "kriyas," while discovering how kundalini yoga strengthens the nervous system, the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the digestive system, and helps to balance the glandular system as well as expand lung capacity. Learn different types of breath like sitali breath, dog breath, breath of fire, alternate nostril breathing, and canon fire breath--to name a few--and learn the different ways in which each type of breath helps to improve your physical body, calm your mind, and focus your being.

Known as "the householders yoga," Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is meant to be practiced by working people who also have responsibilities at home. It is yoga that you can take home with you to practice by yourself, but there are also benefits to practicing with a group.

Location: Worlds Yoga Fremont 37353 Fremont Blvd Fremont, CA 94536

Tuesday evenings from 7:30 PM to aprox. 8:45 PM. ($ fee based class)

Every Tuesday evening class is followed with hot tea (caffeine-free), a snack, and light conversation to help ground us back to the earth and our physical bodies after meditation. Bring a yoga or rent one for $2. Props are available for use free of charge at the studio.

Cost $: New to the studio "try me" price is $25 for 15 consecutive days. Class packs from $10-$15 per class. Drop-in class price is $16. You can check out the current live class schedule here at Worlds Yoga Fremont (

***Free Kundalini Yoga community practice the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month includes 90 minutes of breathwork, physical practice, and meditation/mantra while listening to Kirtan Sohila. Bring a yoga mat, water, and a friend.

Still Curious about Kundalini Yoga?

Bringing you from darkness to light...

"Kundalini Yoga is a science of awareness. To cultivate awareness we use exercise and meditation. There is a great variety of techniques and each class is likely to be different. Students do not need extraordinary strength or flexibility to benefit from Kundalini Yoga. They will have opportunities to challenge themselves to expand mentally physically, spiritually. It is not primarily a physical workout; it is not just sitting quietly in meditation. It is a potent combination of work on the nervous system, the glandular system and the immune system. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan has helped many students deal with stress and find relief from many related conditions. Just one class creates a powerful lasting effect. Regular practice opens up vast possibilities for relaxation, health and elevation."--Kundalini Yoga Center, San Francisco

"There's nothing which can be more precious in you than your own relationship with your own consciousness."--Yogi Bhajan

Practice Kundalini Yoga with Ram Inderjeet on You Tube

First Tune In & Warm Up

Second, practice a Kundalini Yoga Kriya for the throat

Finally, to finish your practice, join our MeetUp group to pick out a meditation on the "Pages" link of our website here (

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