What we're about

Our purpose is to get together with other motorcycle riders who enjoy day cruising & touring and are available for fun rides throughout the week, weekdays and weekends. We take rides that include back country roads, interesting destinations, and good food.

The challenge for any riding group is to avoid rush hour traffic on the major roads whenever possible, so most rides would usually meetup somewhere outside major cities, start after 9:00 AM and try to conclude by 4:00 PM. Longer trips with overnight stays are also possibilities, and short lunch rides are fine too.

There is no set leader; anyone with riding experience can plan and lead a fun ride, even with little notice. There is no mandatory attendance or group meetings. We only ask that if you have to cancel a ride you signed up for, give as much notice as possible.

We are not a biker gang; we will not try to emulate 1 %ers; we do not ride with anyone abusing drugs or alcohol during our rides; and we welcome anyone who loves to ride with others. All brands of motorcycles are welcome!

We expect that you have a valid motorcycle license, current motorcycle insurance that includes towing, if needed, and you agree that no individual connected to FRENCH BROAD CRUISERS shall be held liable for any mechanical damages or personal injury you may suffer as a result of participating in our rides.

As with all responsible groups, we ride staggered where possible, with no passing or hot dogging. If you use drugs while riding or consume alcohol while attending any of our daytime rides, you won’t ride with us.

Members are always welcome to bring guests, either as passengers or other riders, as long as they adhere to our rules for safe riding.

While we stop for gas as often as needed, it's always a good idea to leave our meeting place with a full tank. All of our meeting places are close to a gas station.

Want to plan & lead rides? After planning and leading two rides, you'll be exempted from dues!

New to Group Riding? Search Google for Motorcycle Group Riding Basics and always let the Ride Leader (Host) know your comfort level before the ride.

If you have any questions about our group, or wish to set a date to lead a ride, send a message here.

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Foothills Ride for BBQ

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