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7 Days to Wellness Teleconference - Detox to Lose the Waste, Weight, and Waist

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Price: $59.00 /per person
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Join and share in the camaraderie with others that are claiming their good health and have the same need for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This seven day interactive phone teleconference program guides you everyday with the suggested activities as part of the Renew and Recharge 7 Days to Wellness Program. As you call in every day to the toll-free phone number, you will be guided through the daily activities and learn new ways to improve your life. Our group commitment will aide in the success of how you begin and conduct your cleansing process. Get to talk with others around the world that are participating in a natural cleansing program and enjoy the power of the group energy.

Materials to Guide and Support You'll be provided with the materials and support to assist you in conducting a structured cleansing program that incorporates fasting techniques. Materials include:

- An audio program and electronic book describing supplies and recommended activities

- A journal with a checklist of daily activities and pages for recording thoughts and results

- A daily teleconference phone number to call and talk with other like-minded people that want to improve their heath

Teleconference calls are held from 7PM - 8PM daily for 7 days – see schedule and program agenda below. This program encompasses some of the best practices for a structured and natural approach to cleansing and provides the guidance for initiating the down-time that you deserve.

Participation in the Monthly Teleconference Program is only $59 Register below or online at

General Teleconference Program Agenda: (teleconference calls are held from 7-8PM daily for 7 days)

Conference Call 1 – Day 1 Pre-Cleanse day 1 discussion and review

Conference Call 2 – Day 2 Pre-Cleanse day 2 discussion and review. Prepare for the Deep Cleanse process

Conference Call 3 – Day 3 Deep Cleanse Day 1 discussion and review

Conference Call 4 – Day 4 Deep Cleanse Day 2 discussion and review

Conference Call 5 – Day 5 Deep Cleanse Day 3 discussion and review. Prepare for the Post Cleanse process

Conference Call 6 – Day 6 Post Cleanse Day 1 discussion and review

Conference Call 7 – Day 7 Post Cleanse Day 2 discussion and review

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