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Welcome! Founded in March 2016, this group is for adults that want to enjoy various low to moderate level outdoor activities in NWA. Activity examples include nature walks, beginner-moderate hikes, float trips, swimming, festivals, craft fairs, picnics, zoos and wildlife rescues, outdoor concerts, exploring quaint downtown areas, mini golf, biking for leisure, etc. Most events will also offer an opportunity for a meal. We typically meet once per month. All are welcome so long as they act like ladies and gentlemen. Participants do so at their own risk.

New group members automatically receive a 60 Day Free Trial so you can RSVP for an event and check us out in person! However, there is a cost to maintain our group website and occasionally we must put down a deposit before an event so NWA Fresh Air and Sunshine charges annual membership dues of $10/year to help cover these and other costs. Once your 60 Day Free Trial has expired, you may remain a part of the group and see upcoming events, but must pay your annual dues before you can RSVP and attend an event.

Your event suggestions are always welcome! Please post in our Discussion Board or send me a private message.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Erin D., Organizer

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Float Trip on the Kings River

King's River Outfitters

One of the few remaining free-flowing rivers in the country, The Kings River in Arkansas begins in the Boston Mountains of the Ozark National Forest and flows Northward for more than 90 miles where it empties into Table Rock Lake at the Missouri State line. This family friendly river flows casually past massive rock bluffs, shady tree-lined banks, crystal clear pools, and sloping gravel bars. You will discover wonderful spots for swimming, picnicking, fishing, and observing wildlife. Ozark rivers and streams are also teaming with over 59 different native species of fish. Details: We will meet at King's River Outfitters and canoe or kayak the Kings River. This beginner-moderate float trip will take about 4-6 hours (depending on water levels and +/- time we stop for lunch, swimming, etc). **As our float route will be determined by water levels, I will post more specific info about our trip closer to the event date.** You are responsible for providing your own food, beverages, sunscreen, and all other necessities. Adults only. Alcohol is allowed, but glass containers are not. We will abide by Leave No Trace ethics. You should not attend this event if you can’t swim. Cost for those renting a canoe or kayak: $75 per canoe (seats 2- $37.50/person)-or- $75 per kayak (seats 1) Includes life jackets, paddles, trash bag and shuttle service. You will pay King’s River Outfitters for your Rental Fee. If you plan to rent, please notify me by commenting on the event page. Rentals are limited! If you will be renting a canoe, you can choose who you want to ride with, or you will be paired with another single on the day of the event. If you are in a canoe, you will be responsible for half of the $75 fee. If we end up with an odd number of people, and no one volunteers to kayak alone, the last person to RSVP will need to rent a kayak. Cost for those bringing their own canoe or kayak: If you are bringing your own boat, I have negotiated a discounted rate for our group members and your Parking & Self Shuttle Fee is $10/ person. This means that up to 4 of our vehicles can shuttle our group members and their boats on KRO's private property. You will pay King’s River Outfitters for your Fee(s). State law requires that you have a life jacket for each member of your boat and a mesh trash bag. If you don't bring these items, you will have to rent them from King's River Outfitter and pay the additional costs. For More Info: King's River Outfitters: http://kingsriveroutfitters.com/ (http://kingsriveroutfitters.com/) Driving Directions to King's River Outfitters: http://kingsriveroutfitters.com/directions/ (http://kingsriveroutfitters.com/directions/) Safety Information: http://kingsriveroutfitters.com/safety/ (http://kingsriveroutfitters.com/safety/) Leave No Trace Ethics: http://kingsriveroutfitters.com/leave-no-trace-ethics/ (http://kingsriveroutfitters.com/leave-no-trace-ethics/) Participants do so at their own risk. If weather prevents this event, we will reschedule and leave all details the same.

Lake Party!

Chana's Corner

Come join us as we swim, sun, eat, drink... and then start it all over again! Details: We will meet at Chana's Corner gas station and caravan to Sue and Jack's dock. Please note the drive to the dock involves dirt roads, so you may wish to drive a vehicle with a higher ground clearance or carpool with a friend. Additionally, the walk down the hill to the dock is not paved and a little steep, so you'll want to wear sturdy footwear. Come dressed in your swimsuit and bring the following: -Dish to share -Camp chair -Flotation device (the water is deep- you can't touch the bottom) -Towel -Sunscreen -Small cooler with water and other beverage of your choice -Change of clothes for the ride home Cost: FREE As always, participants do so at their own risk.

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Go Fly a Kite!

Bella Vista Park

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