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Storytelling Workshop

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Dave K.


It does not require a village to craft a story, but it is helpful to have one!
Until you tell your story to an audience it is hard to know:

  • How listeners will react
  • How you will feel when telling it

This peer-driven storytelling workshop format provides the opportunity to tell your story to a supportive group and to get instant feedback.

  • Not sure if you can tell a story? Try it, sitting at a table with a few other friendly folks.
  • Not sure if you can provide meaningful feedback? Sharing your personal reaction is all that is required.

Plus, Matthew Dicks, an increasingly well-known storyteller through his book, podcast and blog provides some excellent information. A note sheet of the top few things he recommends considering when crafting a story will be provided and we will see to what extent it helps us all to become better storytellers.

Bring a story that you would like to possibly tell on stage at a storytelling event like The Moth or Fresh Ground Stories. Your story should be 8 minutes or less. It can be written, outlined or in your head.

Come and have a great time listening to and telling stories with other motivated tellers.

5009 Roosevelt Way N.E. · Seattle, WA