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Welcome to the Fresno Anime movie Meetup Group. I love Anime and other Fan Boy/Girl content (i.e. Doctor Who, Marvel and DC cinematic universe, Star Wars). However, couldn't find a meetup group in Fresno that fit the bill. Well, Badda Bing Badda Bang, Presto!!!! Welcome to the Fresno Anime Movie Group. A group designed to create a place in Fresno where new or veteran Fan Boy/Girl and Anime enthusiasts can meet to watch new and classic Anime, as well as other Fan Boy/Girl Tv Shows and films. I hope to make this a great place to expose and become exposed to different anime titles and fan content as well hang out and talk about the latest imports, or your favorite classics. Maybe create a space were people can share and exchange cosplay tips a tricks, or collaborate with others on costume design and creation, as well as planing convention road trips and other group activities and events.

I plan to host Monthly or Bi Monthly anime showings at my home over light refreshments while alternating between other meeting places, especially depending on future group size.

I encourage group members to post ideas for events or meeting places, Anime, Manga, Comics news and any other cool info to our Message Boards!

Most importantly Let have Fun!!!!!

UPDATE: April 2017

Due to some incidents in the past, I felt it was needed to make some group changes in order to prevent future problems and help create a more friendlier stable environment for all members. With Louis's permission, I'm adding some group guidelines below. Some items may sound strict, but we want all members to attend, feel comfortable, and have fun watching anime or any other activities we have.

~Ken (Co-Organizer)

Anime Movie Group Guidelines:

*This is NOT a dating group. The harassing or stalking of members will result in being banned from this group.

*If you send inappropriate emails or messages to members you have not met, you will be banned. Members please report any inappropriate messages to the group leaders ASAP.

*Not showing respect towards fellow members or event organizers will result in you being banned. Also bringing "drama" will not be tolerated. It might also get you banned too.

*Inappropriate or anti-social behavior online or at an event will cause you to be banned from the group.

*If you RSVP for an event and don't show up or give early notice of cancellation, you will have 3 chances. After that, you won't be allowed to RSVP anymore, instead you'll be placed on the waiting list. If there's room after RSVP closes, then you'll be added. We want members who reserve a spot to show up to our events. Group leaders should be given respect for taking time out of their day to organize events. We are all adults here and are old enough to be accountable for our own commitments and actions.

*Inactivity on this meetup group site or not attending an event after 9 months may result in being banned. Again we want members to show up. (That is the reason you joined this group, right??)

*New members are to post a clear photo of themselves (not a group one) prior to attending their first event here. This way it'll be easier to identify and locate you at events.

Past events (56)

8th Annual Fresno Zombie Crawl

Bank of America

BnB / Fanime Meet and Greet

Seqouia Brewing Company -Tower

Castle in the Sky viewing and short meet & greet

Needs a location

Sierra Vista Mall Weekend Blender / Meet & Greet

Needs a location

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