Drinking Skeptically

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Every 1st Saturday of the month

Wahoos Fish Tacos

3053 E Campus Pointe Dr. · Fresno, CA

How to find us

Look for the godless, skeptical types. (We will also try to have a sign)

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Come join us for an evening of fun, food, and your favorite beverage!

Drinking Skeptically is where CVAAS members and friends meet to discuss any topic. Nothing is off the table. Our one rule is this: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!

Unless noted otherwise for a special occasion, this event meets at Wahoo's Fish Taco near The SaveMart Center by Fresno State. You can find Wahoo's off of Shaw between The SaveMart Center and the 168 Freeway. The restaurant/bar faces the Maya Theater. If our president can remember (looking at you El Capitan), there will also be a CVAAS sign on the table; otherwise, look for the large group of skeptical looking people.

We are there from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm (or longer) on the first Sunday of every month!

Come on down and join us!