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How a wiki can save you time & money and empower your customers

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You're probably familiar with the wiki concept from Wikipedia, but you may think a wiki means something that's open for anyone to edit, and/or something that must be in the public domain. Wikis can be configured to be public but only editable by your staff, or private if needed. They are wonderful tools for capturing your own internal documentation, or for answering often asked customer questions.

They are easy to set up and even easier to use, so it's possible to create a central repository of documentation about how your company functions, written by the people that do the work. They also great tools for getting documentation to your customers, whether it be a few pictures, answers to commonly asked questions or PDFs that describe your products.

We'll show you how to set up a wiki, where to make the most common configuration changes, and the most commonly used formatting tools. We'll talk about where and how to integrate a wiki into your website, and how to see what changes have been made, by who and how to roll back changes when they aren't what you wanted.

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