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We like to play fast, advanced pickup soccer. THIS GAME IS NOT FOR BEGINNER OR INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS. We sometimes like to go out for beer afterwards. We like players who pass the ball and don't slide tackle. We just like to have fun and meet new people. If this sounds like you, come play!

We use the following rules in our group to make it fair for everyone:

1) Play can be quite fast and aggressive, but friendly. If the ball goes out, call it out even if the other team gets the throw in. Don't argue about every goal. Sometimes you fall down or get kicked, but do not foul. We ask repeat offenders to leave the group.

2) We have no waiting list for games. If a game fills up, you can only jump on a spot if someone cancels. Anyone can come to the game to see if a spot is open, but if it is full, sorry.

3) COME ON TIME. If you are not ready to play at the scheduled start time, you cannot play. If someone is there to play on time, they get your spot. Even if no one else is there to take your spot, you can't play if you come late. We are serious about this.

4) No shows prevent other people from playing, so always cancel as early as possible if you can't make it. WE TAKE THE RSVP LIST ONE HOUR BEFORE THE GAME - AFTER THAT IF YOU CANCEL YOU ARE CONSIDERED A NO SHOW. If you are a no-show multiple times, you will be removed from the Meetup group. This is so that other people can have time to rsvp yes if you cancel.

5) If you play, play the entire scheduled game. It is not fair to people on the waiting list or your teammates if you leave early. We will remove you from the group if you a repeat offender.

6) We'll collect payment in cash at the start of every game. Bring exact change! We use this to get pinnies, cones, goals, better balls, and to pay our monthly Meetup fee.

7) Our pinnies are currently red and neon green. Please do not wear a red, yellow or neon green shirt to games.

See you on the pitch!

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co-ed saturday futbol

Parade Grounds (Field #4), Prospect Park


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