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Thanks for stopping by and checking out Recreational Activities and Sports in Los Angeles.

We host unique recreational activities, sports, and tournaments that promotes cardiovascular health. Our goal is to replace the work in 'working out' with fun.

Got any Examples of Activities or Sports I Can Attend? Yup.

We host Combat Archery also known as Archery Tag (https://www.AirballingLA.com/archery-tag).

We host Bubble Soccer (https://www.airballingla.com/bubble-soccer/).

We host Spikeball.

We host Nerf Gun Party.

We're working with AirballingLA - Archery Tag, Bubble Soccer, Nerf Gun Party Rental in Los Angeles (https://www.AirballingLA.com) (https://www.airballingla.com/)- to provide fun activities to you.

Due to the cost of renting and buying, maintaining equipment, and other costs we do charge $10 for the events we post. If you have a private event coming up and you're interested in bringing in these activities, be sure to visit their website for more information.

The locations we play at do not allow cash to exchange hands. Therefore, we have an online payment policy.

Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Group Organizer(s): Nicholas (bestversionofnick@gmail.com)

See you out there on the field.


Additional Info:

This is a community, not a singles group. Do not contact or message people you have not met in real life. . Truly it very often applies toward guys needing this reminder. But to be fair the same info and request applies to all. Of course the exception is organizers (just as me or the others) and if there is a context (such as this).

If you get contact from group members you have not met in real life please report the organizer and it will be taken care of in a discreet way.

At events, members respect each other and respect other people's boundaries. The same goes for emails and the message boards. Inappropriate, disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated!

Next Topic: Things work better in community/groups. This has a set of sister groups. Some things are shared. Others more standalone. So join the other ones and you will find all sorts of awesomeness

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ASAM Kickball!
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Only a select few have the courage to organize a meetup... "Feel the fear, and do it anyway" Who wants to step up?

Flag Football
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Needs a location

Martial Arts
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Needs a location

Needs a date and time

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Lazy River Innertubing, Sat 9/29, Bakersfield

Rusty's Pizza

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