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This meetup is for seekers, adventurers and slackers; people who are sick of their lives, who want love and success, who want to change the world; and for people who just for once would like to have a clear thought and peace of mind. Through meditation and mindfulness, you can learn to harness the power of everyday experience to lead an uncommonly fine life. Become a warrior; join all the worlds within you. Let's hook up to meditate, or take a trip to a power place to renew ourselves in nature -- like go hiking, snowboarding or diving. Perhaps we can watch a movie, discuss a book we all read, share the challenges of living and working in the world, have a nice meal or coffee together, create some music or listen to some music! Explore aspects of Zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra, Taoism, the works of Dr. Frederick Lenz ("Rama"), Castaneda, Ruiz, Tolle, traditional and contemporary literature, and modern cinema with other like-minded people. You can check out ramameditationsociety.org, the Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism or iMeditate.com to explore meditation techniques, order books, and download talks or videos to start your own meetup!

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