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Pow Wow Trail - What we need to do to bring it back

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Pow Wow – the Wounded BWCA Trail/Year

by Martin Kubik

Would you go in if you knew that you might not come out? The Forest Service built the Pow Wow Trail after the “BWCA Wilderness Act of 1978” was passed. Thirty three years later, the Pow Wow Trail nearly vanished in the inferno of the Pagami Creek Fire in 2011. Kubik speaks about the hikers’ ordeal on the Pow Wow last summer while they climbed over 1,200 treefalls blocking the trail. In this presentation you will be able to see how quickly nature takes over: scores of lost rock cairns, fireweed growing shoulder high, impenetrable wall of aspen going wild after the fire. Forest Service crews worked to resurrect the trail, but Martin Kubik shows that much more needs to be done. He offers simple and yet effective ideas on how to help to bring this BWCAW treasure trail back … so that hikers like you can enjoy the Pow Wow again.

Martin Kubik is the founder the Boundary Waters Advisory Committee and the Kekekabic Trail Club. He is a lifelong advocate for the BWCA trails, author of the “Guide to the Kekekabic Trail” and recipient of several environmental leadership and volunteer awards. He can be reached at


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