Past Meetup

Hike around Pike Island, Fort Snelling


Spring is coming! Until then, join us for a Sunday morning 2 hour/ 4 mile (about) hike around Pike Island. Dress for temps in 15 to 20 degree range. Bring what you think you will need, snow shoes or ice grabbers, ski poles, snacks, water bottle, extra jacket or a full pack if you are getting ready in shape. I will be bringing 30+ # pack, but that is optional. With any luck you will develop appetite and socialize over best brunch ever and catch up on latest BWCA trail news at Caps Grille nearby afterwards (5000 Hiawatha Ave, Minneapolis · (612) 722-2277). Here is what it will look like at Fort Snelling within several days (it will be spring by then, won't it?):

Small print: How to get there: From highway 5 exit on Post Road, follow signs to Fort Snelling State Park (downhill), past the entrance office, and another mile to Thomas Savage Visitor Center (under hwy 55 bridge). Pet and cell phone free hike.