What we're about

Please realize that this is a private group and you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, provide your e-mail address and a phone number in order for me to vette you for this group.

Anyone who is over 50 that is looking to make real friends should join this group. This group is about just good, fun, alive above the shoulders people.

Do you want to laugh? Do you need to laugh? Do you need to get out of the house? Are you new to the area like I am? Do you need a social life? Have you lived here for a long time but need to make friends?

Class, manners, intelligence and curiosity for the world around us is a must. This group is private and you are welcome to request joining us. Not all will be approved and there is a yearly fee of $25.00 because this is a private group. Once you are accepted, there is a 30 day free trial before you have to pay.

This is not about money, stature, beauty or handsomeness. You could have all the money in the world and be beautiful, prestigious and still be a jerk. No jerks! Or you could be a working person that has class, a decent living, and is intelligent and be accepted without a thought. So you see, it is about putting together a group of people that even YOU would not mind inviting to your home. I will be inviting people to my home for different events and I want to enjoy people that I spend my time with. So let's all make this a group that we all love!

If you are a dud in personality deartment...well you would not fit this group. Snootiness is frowned upon but sticking your hand out to the new person is applauded. Get it?

If you like to meet people and are a people person, you should join this group. If you are quiet and the "still waters run deep" that is okay also.

Widows and Widowers are very welcome. This is a great way to start over! Same for people just divorced. It is all about making friends but when people make real friends, anything can happen! Married or unmarried couples are welcome to join.

Remember this group is about making friends. Come, invite your friends.

That is the way that this group will be grow. Once you pass muster, likely we will all like your friends as well. So many people of like get along and have a great time!

I hope to meet you all soon! Fena D'Ottavio, new resident of Driftwood Hills/Nora area.


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