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You answer the questions. We have a pre-meetup skype/phone planning discussion (10-15 min) at least 2 days before meetup. For this we will need contact info. You bring your own laptop to the meetup. We spend 3 hours together. With Beer snacks and hacking with Neo4j with _____ language/framework. Profit. Crash Course

It seems that we have some new people in the group. We can look into a 20-30 min crash course in Neo4j for people new to the DB. we have secured an extra meeting room so people who want to start hacking can just begin.


The idea is that when we start hacking we spend close to zero time setting up infrastructure. If you run into any issues we (people who have gone through the exercise) will be glad to help you, but let's do it before the meetup. Just drop us a message on the comments section of the meetup.


Some of you have answered the survey and the languages that come on top are Java (3) and Python (3) (with one mention of .NET and Ruby). So if you are not already planning on doing some thing you can join some of us working on our Java/Python apps.

The themes that have been mentioned so far

Create an application which imports a datasource and does some thing cool with it.

Create an application which creates brand new data.
Friends-Job Recommendation Engine

Playing with a Neo4j based application (;a=summary


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