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Hello Friends,
We have had such a great time the last few Tuesdays in the chat room talking about..... SEX.... and relationships....and a few other great subjects! This last week we covered topics from where to find a great date (can you really find someone in a grocery store??) to who should be providing protection, and most everything in between. I so appreciated the honest and open conversations we had from the men and women! I think we all learned something, like the FHB (Funky Horizontal Bop) to BOB (battery operated boyfriends)!

We will be continuing this chat each Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. As it has been said, if you aren't getting any, at least you can talk about it! LOL

I will come prepared with some topics, but this is YOUR chatroom. If you have questions related to Relationships or Sex, ask away! It is a great forum to get a male and female perspective.

This week we will talk about:

Knowing this group - we will venture off into a lot of other areas, but this is what we will start with!

Please go to ( and when that loads,

click on CHAT Once the CHAT window opens, scroll to the bottom and write something into the text box and hit ENTER Once that happens a window will open and there are three choices of fields to fill out: Anonymous: DO NOT FILL OUT TEMPORARY: DO NOT FILL OUT...if you do, you will never get that name back Create an ACCOUNT: FREE, fill that out and you will have a permanent name in which to use each time you come into the chat room. You may not be able to get your regular name...Like there could be hundreds of Lori' Like our Lori did...she is LoriG. Or be creative...but make sure your name represents something that lets us know who you are. Remember, this is about creating friendships and we can't be friends anonymously.
So come join us at 8:30 on Tuesday and chat with people that you already know and meet others that you have never met! The chatrooms do connect people. We have had folks come out to a real live meet up just because of meeting people in the chatroom. We have had people develop better friendships because of sharing information as well.

See you Tuesday!

Your Crazy Chat Host,