Past Meetup

Sunday Workshop & Social-Create a "Winning" Profile


Hi Friends,

Are you online dating? Thinking about dating online?

Have you experienced the lack of mail in your inbox?

Do you have people that write to you that have absolutely nothing in common with you and you wonder if THEY can even read?

Have you had people who write to you and they can't even spell?

Have you seen a profile that is too long or too many details?

Have you seen bad pictures that are so far away or showing parts of the body we don't want to see?

Have you experienced someone being untruthful about their height,weight, looks and so on?

These are all symptoms of a BAD profile!!! Have you looked at your profile lately? WHAT does it say or WHAT DOES IT NOT say about YOU!

Come learn how to write a "WINNING" profile. In our table discussions you will each identify what you do and don't like about your profile and other profiles that you see. This is a hands on type of workshop so bring a COPY OF YOUR PROFILE, a pen and paper. We are going to roll up our sleeves and work! We will have a power point presentation on bad profiles and good profiles. Yes, there are good ones! We will help you, as will your table mates, in creating a newer improved profile that hopefully will result in new and better dates!

What you write about yourself can make or break your dating ability! So make your profile work for you!

HOMEWORK: You will need to print your profile WITHOUT YOUR NAME AND PICTURE and bring 10 copies of your profile with you for this workshop. You will each be sitting with a group of 9 other people and what you will do is each eachange a copy of your profile and everyone will anonymously grade each other's profile. So remember, when you copy your profile, please don't give any markers as to who you are.

We look forward to helping you design a new profile that will attract the kind of person you want to date!

The workshop starts promptly at 4:30 so don't be late! You don't want to miss anything and you don't want to disrupt the workshop in progress.

The discussion will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour, then a short break for bathroom and drinks. We then resume and our professional will address and work with the group for another 45 minutes to one hour.

After the workshop, we all gather for dinner in the main dining area by the bar. So, don't bring a brown bag dinner! Come join us for some tasty pizza, salads, beef sandwiches and more! Moretti's food is awesome and very well priced to fit anyone's budget.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DISCUSSION! If you are just coming to chat and socialize that is perfectly acceptable. You can visit with the friends in the lounge while the discussion is taking place OR you can simply come around 7 to socialize with everyone while we eat.

There will be appetizer deals and drink specials each week! Just ask the wait staff.

WHY the discussion group? We do believe that many of you in our group are as starved for good conversation as we are! WE need peers to talk with.

So come join us for some lively conversation and great socialization!

So we all know what Sunday later in the afternoon and early evenings are like when we are single. They can be lonely and hard. So...WE have the cure! No need to sit home alone on Sunday afternoon when the kids have gone back to Mom or Dad's house or you are just plain alone.

Time frame of event: 4 p.m - ??? p.m. Like many of you we have to work the next day!

We hope you will join us!

Fena and Carroll