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Whether you are a new agent doing one deal or a team doing 100+ (like we are), come find out how you can LEVERAGE the tools/systems of the top teams in the nation. You will see what systems you can use to grow your business and which tools can be used. Here is where you can see how we cracked the code on our Database, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Virtual Assistants, and more!

We will show the free options to achieve what the most expensive systems do as well as those high-end tools so that you understand all the ways that you can get to the next level, no matter where you are starting.

Our 6 month agenda covers the following topics:
•Database Systems
•Lead Generations
•Lead Conversion
•Active Listings
•Active Buyers
•Virtual Assistants

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Lead Conversion Systems (Get the Most From Your Marketing)

11700 Plaza America Dr

So you got someone to raise their hand, now what? What are the top teams doing to convert? Whether you are still working on your first or you have thousands of leads, these systems allow you to automate followup so that you can move multiple people through the funnel at once without expanding your working hours. Here is where we share what the top teams have done to convert over HALF A BILLION in volume last year.

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Lead Generation Systems (Automating Your 20%)

11700 Plaza America Dr

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