What we're about

Hey Dorks! Yeah you! :-)

This group is for all the male daters – or wanna-be daters – in South Bay who need some guidance on confidence and dating. In observing the bar scene around here, you guys really need it! This is NOT Pick Up Artists or any strategy to manipulate, deceive, or make women insecure to get them to go out with you. It’s about finding your inner confidence, putting yourself out there, and knowing what women respond to. Throw your inhibitions and ego out the window, show up for this super fun, supportive, and transformative series.

I myself was a VERY late date-bloomer in life, and only in the last decade did I find my real stride and inner confidence and power. Even today, I work on myself daily in the dating regard. I've found some great sources of inspiration and motivation, and now I want to help self-proclaimed Dorks find their inner confidence and date right by their awesome ladies.

Each week explores a new topic and you will have homework because transforming yourself takes WORK!

See you there!

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