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What inventors and entrepreneurs should know before seeing a patent attorney
A workshop of three 2-hour meetings, by Motti Teicher Notice: the workshop is for Hebrew speakers.

Workshop Goals
Inventors and entrepreneurs want to patent their ideas: some are afraid of their ideas being stolen, others wish to impress investors, and some want to protect their future products from being copied by competitors.
Customary patenting is made by an inventor describing his idea to a patent attorney who drafts and files a patent application. Unfortunately, there is often an invisible gap between the inventor and the patent attorney, which may compromise or even destroy the patent value. “What invention is hiding in my idea?” is a question that inventors and entrepreneurs must elaborate before seeing a patent attorney. The majority of inventors and entrepreneurs, though, are not equipped with the knowledge and tools that are necessary for answering, or even understanding, this question. The workshop will equip participants with the tools they need for playing their critical role in the patenting process, so that they can obtain better patents and make better use of them.
The workshop is given by Motti Teicher, an independent inventor named on 67 US patents and active for over two decades in invention, inventor training and entrepreneurship.
The workshop is for anyone who is involved with, or who is interested in, invention and entrepreneurship. No prior knowledge or experience in technology or patenting is needed, and even experienced inventors will benefit from additional knowledge and insight.
First Meeting – Introduction
Introduction and motivation – what patents are; the importance of patents; why and how inventors and entrepreneurs must be involved in the patenting process.
The patent document – The content and role of each document part; why and how to painlessly read patents.
Second meeting – Tools
What invention is hiding in my idea? – Thinking and communication tools for extracting inventions from ideas.
Miscellaneous – alternatives to patents; defensive publications; words can kill; product marking.
Third meeting – The Broader Picture
International patenting, provisional applications and PCT applications – how to obtain patent protection that is both effective and affordable.
DYI filing of provisional patent applications.

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