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This is a book club for tomes that are about to be made into new movies as well as existing movies that are based on books.

So, we will have many home events for existing book/movie combos, while always being on the lookout for new movies coming out based on books we enjoy. For the latter, we will gather before watching a theater movie to discuss the book the film is based on. We will then proceed to the theater to watch the movie. Afterward, we will gather again to discuss how the book was better than the movie...because it almost ALWAYS is--HA! (We will strive to pick theaters with multiple very-nearby dining/libation options.)

For those of you who are Wine Enthusiasts, SO AM I! It's plenty OK if you're not, though, because my husband, Jerry, is a teetotaler and will be joining us for at least the movie portion of most events.

Although based in Fenton, MO, we will host events throughout the Metropolitan area, on BOTH sides of the Mississippi AND Missouri Rivers!

We are looking for an ACTIVE membership, which for us means you'll attend at least ONE event each year.

Please submit a "selfie" profile photo when you join so we can easily recognize you at our doorsteps and in public places. Profile photos are most effective when they include only one human being and when that human being is not wearing sunglasses =OR= a hat.

--Shirley Durrwachter (wife of Jerry)

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Blue Water, Silver Screen | Classic Movies Nightly on an Alaskan Cruise!

The rollercoaster that is The COVID-19 Pandemic continues its bumpy ride. Yesterday we found out that our Personal Cruise Consultant with Holland is furloughed until Monday, 1/4/21. It's likely ALL Holland's Personal Cruise Consultants were furloughed. In the interim, the people answering the phones at Holland will not honor the deal outlined below. Consequently, we're going to pause the event for RSVPs until further notice. Please know that Tom & I remain bullish on this concept and fully expect to open this back up in the new year when the various vaccines begin to work their magic! ******************************************************************************** Dear FilmFans (AND others!), It's going to be a tough winter and we all need something to look forward to. Booking a cruise may seem like a ridiculous thing to do, as the ships haven't sailed for months, and who knows when it will be safe for passengers to sail on them again? Regardless, the cruise lines are taking reservations and fares may be much cheaper now than when things get going again. There will be less capacity, as some ships have been sold or scrapped, and demand will be high when things open up. Now deposits are low AND refundable, with the balance of payment due well into the future. So, I have decided to book a cruise to Alaska on September 19th, 2021. It will be a seven-day cruise on Holland America's MS Noordam, departing from Vancouver, BC... and Jerry and Shirley --and, hopefully, you & yours!-- will join me. Jerry & I have entertained this idea for some time as a Movie Group Cruise, a lower-cost alternative to the TCM Classic Cruise, and want to extend the offer to Meetup members, family, & friends to join us. Of course, there'll be no celebrities to come along, but we WILL have a dedicated Film Viewing Room on the ship for daily movie presentations for & by our group. Current offerings by Holland America for this cruise include the basic fare of $599 per person, with a REFUNDABLE deposit of $99 per person due at booking These prices are based on double occupancy for an inside cabin. Payment in full would not be due until sometime in June. Offers are subject to change without notice, but my feeling is that while nothing will likely change before year-end, it is best to book by the end of November if interested. Last February, I organized a Group Cruise on a Holland ship and found that there were amenities granted based on the size of the group, such as upgraded dining, etc. Quite literally, The More, The Merrier! The contingency for members of the group to receive the amenities was that they must book through Holland with my Group Number versus a travel agent. I am saying this upfront in case anyone might book the cruise through a travel agent without looking at alternatives. For anyone that may be interested, the policies stated on Holland's site regarding cancellations, refunds, insurance, and future cruise credits are worth reading. We will NOT be the intermediaries for any payments to Holland America Cruise Lines. Each participant will handle making their payments to Holland independent of this association. The group we are organizing is not limited to members of our Meetup Movie Group. Non-member friends & family members can join this cruise group, as well. Here's the link to our cruise on Holland's site: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/A1G07G/N166.html IN SUMMARY: DEPARTS Vancouver, B.C., CA Sunday, SEP 19,[masked]:30PM PT ARRIVES Vancouver, B.C., CA Sunday, SEP 26,[masked]:00AM PT Basic Fare = $599/person, based on double occupancy REFUNDABLE Deposit = $99/person, due at booking Balance Due = 6/21 FAQs = https://www.meetup.com/Classic-Movies-Old-AND-New/messages/boards/thread/53048781 To find out Tom's Holland Group Number & for clarification of details, write Tom at [masked] Tom Patton, https://www.meetup.com/Classic-Movies-Old-AND-New/

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The Invisible Man (Part 2 - 2020 Movie) | $5.39@ at RONNIE'S!

Marcus Ronnie's Cinema

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