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I am so happy that you are here. This group was created to provide a positive, transformational, inspiring and safe environment to invite people to awaken to the true expression of infinite possibility they are capable of.

Spiritual Awakenings is a regular meetup where people can receive practical tools and energy clearings. We will find release from the stress of what is not working and step into a new way of being in the world that creates greater ease in every area of life.

You can expect meditations focused on releasing discordant energies, conversations and processes designed to unlock a deeper awareness, and workshops that activate and expand consciousness.

It is your birthright to receive and sustain true happiness and joy of living. This is your group, and I encourage people to share what they require so I can customize each meetup with your needs as the focus.

As an intuitive life coach and energy facilitator, I work with a variety of modalities to support transformation in all areas of life. Please go to "pages" in the menu tab to learn more about this.

EVERYONE -- experienced energy healers and those who may be new to the idea of awakening to greater awareness --is welcome to join us and enjoy the nurturing energy of our non-judgemental, heart-centred, and joyful environment.

I look forward to meeting you

Melinda :)

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Private Residence


With over 30 years of experience in metaphysical teachings, working with hundreds of people, witnessing and experiencing miracles for myself and others - I have had ample opportunity to learn a thing or two :) Come and enjoy a night of clearing - ASK a question - bring your questions on ANY life situation so we can clear what ails you and what is sticking you that does not seem to let you go. I will be also speaking about the power of learning to LIVE as a question not as a finite answer. When you are WILLING to ask - doors open - no asking no getting :) Feel free and safe in this class environment to ask any question - remember there are NO stupid questions - there will also be some powerful heart imagery exercise we will be doing to help you :) I look forward to seeing you in class :) Melinda

GET ON THE PROSPERITY HIGHWAY - JOIN me and let's Co-Create Wealth

Private Residence


OK so let's AMP up the prosperity VIBES - we will shift the energy - remove the blocks - get clarity and open doors to your prosperity. Come and co-create your new way of seeing money and prosperity so you can understand how money works, how it does not and what you need to do to increase your flows :) Easy tools to take home - the more you are EXCITED to do this - the more you are READY to shift - THE MORE you DEMAND things are going to change - the more power you bring to the class. If you are truly not ready to shift and if you really find you are more comfortable complaining about lack this is NOT a class for you. PLEASE be honest with yourself - I will create a separate class for you that will help you get out of your negative mind set first :) A class on releasing resistance - TO COME IN THE future will be your best bet to attend first. This class is for those of you who are willing to have FUN with PROSPERITY and who are really excited to step into a NEW REALM with your money :) I look forward to seeing you in class :) Melinda

Dissolve & Release Issues, Traumas, Control and Pain you have with your MOTHER

This class is for anyone who has old or new issues with MOTHER. If you have resentment, guilt, fear or feel controlled by your mother this class will dynamically help remove those energies so you can feel free and possibly have a much healthier relationship with your mother. Even if your mother is deceased this class will release old wounds and traumas so you can function from much more ease in this reality and not the judgments and points of view that have been sticking you. The bond between mother and child is very, very powerful and not everyone had a wonderful relationship growing up with their mother. This is not about making mother wrong - it is about releasing the energy that is entangled in your field as you spent years in her energy field. We hold onto energies without even knowing it and we start to create our lives based on the limitations we learn early in life. This class also applies if you were raised by your grandmother and it was not the most nurturing space for you. THIS CLASS DOES NOT APPLY to those who have amazing, loving nurturing and harmonious relationships with their Mothers :) I look forward to seeing you in class :) Melinda

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