Fenders February

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This month we have three amazing speakers, Niaal Holder,
Alex Louden, Mandy Michael.

Join us for the February edition of Fenders, RSVP now spots are limited!

Doors will open at 5:30pm, with presentations starting around 6.00pm. Please arrive prior to 6:00pm to ensure you can gain access to the building.

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STYLE, BUT NO CLASS - A responsive CSS in JS framework for React/Vue
Alex Louden

Love it or hate it, CSS is here to stay. Alex will be flexing his styled-components experience, displaying some demo content, and bringing us a new perspective on CSS.

We’ll walk through a new way to style our websites and web apps - with components instead of stylesheets and elements with class names.

Alex Louden is a generalist product engineer. He currently works remotely at Bonobo, building web applications for Moleskine.


People, right? Seems like we can’t even go one day in our industry without having to deal with /people/. They’re everywhere… they sit in our office, they email us, they prod us through slack. They’re our bosses, our clients, our colleagues, our peers. If you’re designing or building something for people, chances are you gotta talk to a couple along the way.

Interacting with people is a fundamental skill, and when done well it can bring us together and make our working lives easier, more enjoyable. When done poorly, it can drag things down, cause issues and generally give everyone the shits.

So why don’t we celebrate soft skills more as a core part of our offering? Let’s take a rough and ready look at the soft skills playbook - how we listen, talk, learn, teach, adapt and accept as part of our day to day.

Niaal is the UX Lead and front end dev at Power Ledger, and has spent 20 years working on the web with actual people. When not webbing, Niaal can be found sportsing, rolling d20s and browsing the Netflix menu for hours.



Variable fonts are a game changer for how we use typography on the web. With improvements to performance and responsive typography, variable fonts deliver practical improvements for designers and developers alike.

We’ll explore what variable fonts are, how to use on your website as well as the benefits to actual and perceived performance on the web including from file improvements, compression, display options and rendering.

With an increase in support and creation of variable fonts in the past year, now is the time to start understanding, exploring and experimenting the exciting future ahead for typography on the web.

Mandy is a Development Manager and Front End Developer at Seven West Media WA. She likes to tinker on codepen and occasionally talks about text effects, css, html and variable fonts.