Fenders March

Front End Web Developers Perth (Fenders)
Front End Web Developers Perth (Fenders)
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Microsoft - Corporate Sales Office

100 St Georges Terrace · Perth

How to find us

An organiser will be downstairs, look for the Fenders shirt. They can provide access to the lift. Please arrive before 6pm to ensure you can access the building.

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Fenders March is going to feature great talks from local and interstate legends! Come along to hear about Security, Testing and Accessibility.

Doors will open at 5:30pm, with presentations starting 6.00pm. Please arrive prior to 6:00pm to ensure you can gain access to the building.

Follow @fendersperth (https://twitter.com/fendersperth) on Twitter to see what's happening on the night.

Please familirise yourself with our Code of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/Front-End-Web-Developers-Perth/messages/boards/thread/51596276 ) if you have not already done so.


At this stage Fenders has decided to proceed with the event, we will keep an eye on the situation and inform everyone should this change.

With this in mind, please do not attend the event if you are sick, or have travelled overseas in the past 14 days.

Please refer to the WHO website for advice on basic protective measures



Sam Ritchie - Chief codesplicer at codesplice
How to do Functional Programming in JavaScript

Functional Programming is often promoted as an approach to make your code simpler, more reliable, and easier to understand, but it’s not always obvious how to put this into practice or where to start. This talk will attempt to demystify Functional Programming and offer up simple & practical examples of how to make your front-end code more functional.

Sam Ritchie is a local cloud & mobile developer and organises the Perth Functional Programmers meetup.


Ben Lowry - Consultant (Telstra Purple)
Model-based testing: gone and back again

My first job in software was as a tester using model-based testing. After switching to development, I've found that writing tests is more work, and gives me less confidence than before. In this talk, I'll explain what's missing in the way we write tests now, some more benefits of model-based testing, and why I'm going back to my roots.


Jess Budd - Senior Digital Producer, HBF
Making React Apps Accessible

Javascript frameworks get a bad rap when it comes to accessibility. But is it the frameworks creating the barriers, or us as the developers?

Accessible websites not only benefit people with disabilities, but also provide a better user experience for everyone. Follow me on a journey through div soup, past the lost focus and under the unchanged titles. Find out: is there actually anything in React preventing us from building accessible web apps?

You'll learn what the fundamental issues are, how to address them, and how to ensure your website or app is accessible and inclusive to all.


Ben Dechrai - Developer Advocate (Auth0)
A Token Walks into a SPA

Single Page Apps are slick and fast. By moving much of the business logic to the browser, they gain advantages both for the application, as well as the load on hosting infrastructure.

But if they’re running in the browser, how do we secure them? The code is there for all to see. Cookies and local storage aren’t 100% safe. And what if the user refreshes?!

JSON Web Tokens provide a way to make sure that user credentials are kept safe, while still allowing browser-based apps to communicate with APIs.

This talk will take you from knowing what JWTs are to understanding how to use them, and where to get started. We’ll look at the request lifecycle of the authentication process, and cover best practices for JWT storage and handling.