8 web performance techniques & WebAssembly: The Web Will Eat Your Desktop

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This month's Front Endgineers meetup sees us welcome Dean Hume and Brian Sletten who will be talking about web performance techniques and WebAssembly.

Dean is an Author, Blogger and Google Developer Expert. He is passionate about web performance and regularly writes articles based on all things software development on his blog at deanhume.com (http://deanhume.com/).

Talk Details:

In this talk, Dean gives you a deep dive into 8 useful web performance techniques that you can start using today. Building fast, resilient websites has never been more important and in this session, you'll learn how to successfully apply techniques such as HTTP/2, Service Worker caching, better compression techniques and even Lighthouse reports.

Brian is a liberal arts-educated software engineer with a focus on forward-leaning technologies. His experience has spanned many industries including retail, banking, online games, defense, finance, hospitality and health care. He has a B.S. in Computer Science from the College of William and Mary and lives in Auburn, CA. He focuses on web architecture, resource-oriented computing, social networking, the Semantic Web, data science, 3D graphics, visualization, scalable systems, security consulting and other technologies of the late 20th and early 21st Centuries. He is also a rabid reader, devoted foodie and has excellent taste in music. If pressed, he might tell you about his International Pop Recording career.

Talk Details:

Over twenty years ago we got excited about the ability to write code that will work on just about any platform. While that has succeeded in some ways on the backend, the client side of application development has moved to the Web. Modern browsers have access to user interface elements that look good across platforms, application frameworks are getting increasingly reusable and powerful, hardware acceleration has been brought to the world of 2D, 3D and audio/video playback capabilities. WebRTC introduces new collaboration tools to enrich our Web-based interactions.

Now, WebAssembly is in the early stages of bringing other development choices to the table so we can truly start to imagine applications that will run consistently across platforms, but inside and outside of the browser environment. This will now give us the benefits of the Web with modern desktop-class user interface experiences.

So, where does that leave the desktop?

Come hear about how WebAssembly is likely to upend our industry in exciting new ways.

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