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This is a group for the adventurous of heart, mind and spirit. Do you have an insatiable curiosity about life, it's meaning and purpose? Do the ideas of great thinkers and the discoveries of mystics inspire you? Have you ever experienced transcendence through music, art, film, dance, or literature? Are you searching for a mission in life? If so, please join us each week for stimulating presentations and lively discussion.

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Meaning and Mission in the Second Half of Life, pt.3

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Where are we going? That is the final BIG question of life, isn't it? Gauguin, a poet of imagery, and Wordsworth, a poet of words, will continue to guide us in an examination of our lives. To these artists we will add the wisdom of a psychologist and a modern day mystic/seeker. If you've attended the previous presentations, you will know the clues to answering such a question lie within us. The trick is knowing where to look within, and once found, how to fully access them? Join me as we continue the journey of the greatest adventure of our life - discovering our meaning and mission.

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Meaning & Mission in the Second Half of Life, pt 2.

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