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Welcome! I look so forward to meeting you and getting to hike next to you.

This is a group for people that are new to hiking or people that are looking for a more mild hiking experience. I am planning to keep this hiking group at beginner level. However, beginner level can vary greatly. Please look up parks and open spaces that are listed. Hikes will be about 2-4 miles. There will be a trail for hikes. Most will take place at Jefferson County Open Space Parks, or Denver Mountain Parks. This is a group to enjoy the out doors and get to know your fellow hikers.

I have 2 rules in this group :
1/ We are supportive and positive - toward the group itself, fellow hikers, and ourselves.

2/ No politics on the trail

Things to know:

^We are not a run to the top group. We are out there to enjoy the sights, laugh lots, and take photographs. However there is a wide range and speeds and abilities. I want you to be comfortable and enjoy your hike. Be aware of your abilities.
^Well trained and friendly dogs will be very welcome. Most areas we will be in will require dogs to be leashed.
^While children are not excluded, there is adult language and conversation on the trail. ( Also, I cuss like a sailor)
^ Do know that these hikes are cross posted with our Facebook page.
^You are responsible for bringing your own supplies, gear, water, first aid, and snacks. While this group is amazing about sharing, being prepared will make it a much more comfortable and enjoyable trip for you.

I look so forward to walking next to you!!
Rin and Roy

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