Progressive Web Apps in Production


Time for some success stories and failures putting Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in production! There have been plenty of introductory talks about PWAs, their concepts and what they promise: a native-app-like experience in the browser leading to higher retention and conversion. It's time to walk the walk. So during this meetup our speakers will present their PWAs that made it into production. They will share all the things they learned along the way.

Event schedule

17:30 Doors open, food & drinks
18:30 Introduction
18:40 How to convince your boss to PWA - Wietse Venema
19:00 Break
19:30 “How’s the Wi-Fi down there?”: PWA in an elevator shaft – Anne Fortuin
20:10 Break
20:40 Fixing our PWA on iOS – Peter Goes
21:20 More drinks

Note: this event will be recorded and will be available via the live stream (

How to convince your boss to PWA
Wietse Venema (@wietsevenema (

Wietse is a senior software consultant at Xebia. He works as a member of a software team. Currently he's at Intergamma which is the owning company for two major DIY labels in the NL.

The first step to get a PWA into production is sell it to your boss. But how? In this talk Wietse will share a few tricks. Step one. Never sell a PWA...

“How’s the Wi-Fi down there?” – PWA in an elevator shaft
Anne Fortuin (@phortuin (

Anne is a front-end developer at De Voorhoede. He recently delved into React, Express, Mongo and PWA which makes him a bit of a snob.

When you think about having a flaky internet connection, do you think about being on a train? A metro? How about an elevator? How about an elevator shaft? What if your work place is inside an elevator shaft? In this talk Anne will take you through how he built a PWA for elevator inspectors, with full offline support and background sync.

Fixing our PWA on iOS
Peter Goes (@petergoes (

Peter is a front-end developer at De Voorhoede with a strong focus on the mobile landscape.

The road to PWA’s on iOS is bumpy and full of surprises. But don’t let Apple’s lack of support for PWA hold you back! In his talk, Peter will share how he evolved the mobile app strategy at De Persgroep and went from experiments and failures to a PWA in the App Store.