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We all want to create the best user experience and build the fastest websites and web apps. As front-end developers we need to perform all kinds of tricks to achieve that. During the first talk Declan Rek ( will share all the tricks used on ( to get the most out of every browser. Using these tricks often means our code becomes hard to maintain. During the second talk Jasper Moelker ( will present how we apply module based development to keep complex projects fun and easy to work on.

Meet-up schedule

18:30 Doors open, food & drinks
19:15 Introduction
19:30 Boosting front-end performance - Declan Rek
20:15 Break
20:30 Faking Web Components - Jasper Moelker
21:15 More drinks

Faking Web Components

Web Components ( are the new native way to create focused, independent and reusable front-end modules. But they come at a cost as most browsers need loads of polyfills to use them. During his talk Jasper will show how De Voorhoede uses the concepts behind Web Components in a way that you can use today, in any browser, and even non-browsers. He will compare native Web Components to these “fake components”. And he will show how this setup can also be used with Angular, React and other popular frameworks.

Boosting Front-End Performance

At De Voorhoede we try to boost front-end performance as much as possible for our clients. It is not so easy to convince every client to follow all of our performance guidelines. We always have to consolidate. Incidentally, we recently updated our own site. Apart from doing a complete design overhaul, this was the ideal opportunity to push performance to the max and show off what we’ve learned over the years. Declan will walk you through how De Voorhoede mastered front-end performance. The talk is full off really practical examples which you can use right away.